Thursday, April 25, 2013

Orchids, Crosses, and Love

A knock sounded at the front door. Quite certain it was my husband arriving home from work, I peeked through the peephole, only to see an empty hallway. Curious, I slowly opened the door, and to my surprise, upon the welcome mat I found a beautiful white orchid plant waiting for me. And quietly hiding around the corner was my dear Nate. He knew I had a somewhat rough, emotional morning that day, and kindly blessed me with a visual reminder of his love and care. Something beautiful that I can gaze upon while he's gone at work, and be reminded of all that he does for me.

It's much like looking at a small copper cross that we have hanging on our wall. It serves to remind me of the beautiful work that Jesus, through His love, did for me. Although His suffering and death were anything but beautiful, the result is. I am now a clean, spotless daughter of God, because Jesus bore the wrath of God that my sins deserved. But that wasn't all; Jesus continues to give me wonderful gifts in addition to His salvation: forgiveness, love for others, strength, family, friends, health...the list goes on!
What an amazing thing! And what an incredible gift, that God has also given me a husband to demonstrate to me, in the finite ways that he is able, the love and care of my Savior!

What?? If you've been following my blog at all(which is difficult to do, as I've posted less than a dozen times in the last year), you are probably wondering what happened! In my last post, I wrote about desiring a husband, and now I suddenly have one?? Well, that's just another post for another day... :)


  1. Christina, my dear, it is inescapable that you are a creation of God. Such a rare and precious jewell. God's grace (reflected in you) is so beautiful, warm and bright. You are such a blessing in our lives. I am looking forward to what the future holds.

    Lovingly, Elizabeth D.

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth! I'm so happy to be a part of your lives! God is so good! :)