Friday, January 27, 2012

Fortune cookies and Life

Hmm. It's Friday. The day I try to get out a blog post. And I didn't have anything specific in my mind about which I should write. So I looked through recent pictures in iPhoto. And this picture popped out at me.

Really?!? It will?

I know that fortune cookies don't influence our lives at all. But what if this was true? What is my wish? And even if I have one, am I ready to be content and happy, even if it never comes true? Maybe God has something entirely different from what I want. Am I so stuck on my wishes and hopes that I blind myself to God's direction in my life, and instead try to achieve the things that I think should happen? Do I just somewhat loaf around since nothing seems to be happening? Surely whatever I'm doing right now couldn't be exactly where God wants me to be. Or could it?

Is it really so hard to grasp that no matter what happens in my future, today is my life. What I do today, is what makes up my lifetime. Tomorrow never really comes, because we were created to live in the present-not living multiple days at a time. Instead of worrying about what I will do on tomorrow's today, I should enjoy living each moment. And whether or not my wishes ever come true is not the important thing. Doing everything(even mundane tasks) in a God-honoring way, and treasuring each day and minute, is of far greater value.

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