Sunday, February 12, 2012

It is not all about me.

I've been realizing this more and more lately. It is not all about me. It never has been. And never will be. Even on special days like, when I was born, my birthday parties, and my graduation party, it never was all about me.

This entire life, from beginning to end, is about God. God chose to create this world. Even though He knew all the sin and sorrow with which it would be filled. He chose to create me. Even though He knew I would be born in sin, and that I'd live a far-from-perfect life.

And that's where the story becomes amazing. God chose to create me-not for myself-but for His glory. To call me His own. I am His daughter. Not because of anything that I could ever do, but because of His grace and mercy, through the work on the cross.

So all this life, everything I do, it's not about me. No, instead, it is about God. He's the One who chose to give me life, and to redeem me from destruction, by giving me eternal life. May the way I live, be a reflection of the joy that is mine through that redemption. =)


  1. Thank you for reminding me of this, Chris! Sometimes I get so caught up in my daily life that it's difficult to tear myself away and remember that there's something much, much bigger and greater out there, willing to car for me. :D

    1. You're welcome! This is something that I have to remind myself of almost daily... *sigh* But I do think that I'm learning(although I might be learning it until the day I die! lol)! =)